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July 07, 2016
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Have you recently lost teeth, or learned that some of your teeth are damaged beyond repair? Don’t worry--your days of bold, confident smiles aren’t over. Millions of people are sporting crowns and bridges from their Rockville, MD dentist at White Flint Dental Associates asDental Crowns part of a natural-looking, healthy smile.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a cap that covers either a natural tooth or a dental implant. When it covers a tooth, its purpose is to seal off the damaged tooth from infection and reinforce the structure to prevent breakage. When it covers a dental implant, it functions as part of a tooth replacement--the implant replaces the root, while the crown replaces the visible part of the tooth.

Common materials for crowns include:

  • Metal: Withstands the forces of chewing better than any other material and resists wear and tear quite well. A good option for back molars that won’t be seen.
  • Porcelain or ceramic: Matches the natural color of your teeth most closely; a popular choice for front teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal: The best of both worlds, this crown type is attached with the strength of metal but provides the natural look of porcelain.
  • Resin: This material is similar to a tooth-colored filling. While it's less resilient than other materials, it’s also an economical and aesthetically pleasing option that won’t break the bank.

What is A Dental Bridge?

A bridge is used when several adjacent teeth need to be replaced. Usually the teeth on either side of the gap, called the abutment teeth, are crowned to create an anchor. The bridge is your set of replacement teeth, which is then attached to fill in the gap.

Like crowns, bridges may also be used alongside natural teeth or dental implants. Most bridges are all-ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal for an attractive look.

Family Dentist in Rockville, MD

Crowns and bridges are popular ways to restore a smile after your teeth have been damaged. Visit your family dentist in Rockville, MD to learn how they can help give you a feeling of pride and confidence in your smile once again. Call White Flint Dental Associates at (301) 881-6666 or request your appointment online.