Could Invisalign Help My Smile?

Could Invisalign Help My Smile?

For the best in cosmetic dentistry treatments, consult White Flint Dental Associates in Rockville, MD. Dr. Ghassan Jacklis and Dr. H. David Allick offer amazing Invisalign aligners, the invisible way to a healthy, attractive smile. Could Invisalign help you?

It's a fact

People notice smiles. Research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) supports this.

So you achieve your aesthetic smile goals, Dr. Jacklis and Dr. Allick at White Flint Dental Associates in Rockville, MD, offer inventive Invisalign aligners. Made from thin, clear SmartTrack acrylic, these removable appliances do almost everything metal braces can, without the obvious appearance and discomforts of conventional orthodontics.

Treatment with Invisalign

It starts with a consultation at White Flint Dental Associates in Rockville, MD. An Invisalign scan shows your dentist your dentition in three dimensions, helping him formulate your personalized care plan. Special computer software designs your treatment sequence, and the Invisalign lab produces the aligners which apply just the right forces to the right teeth for the right amount of time.

Typically, patients wear their aligner pairs (top and bottom arch) 20 to 22 hours a day, changing them every two weeks. There may be 30 pairs in all, with your specific sequence re-aligning your smile twice as fast as traditional braces could (in a year on average).

You need to visit your dentist monthly for a progress check and to pick up your aligner pairs. Gradually, your teeth shift positions, and in the end, you'll wear a retainer to keep that smile well-aligned.

To qualify for Invisalign...

You should:

  • Be in good oral health
  • Have a mild to moderate orthodontic problem such as malocclusion, gaps, crowding, or tooth-tipping
  • Be committed to conscientious oral hygiene at home (remove your aligners to eat, brush, and floss)
  • Be old enough to have finished your jaw development (teens and up)
  • Stay committed to your treatment plan

Why not learn more?

A full 20 percent of today's orthodontic patients are adults, says the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Many of these people use Invisalign to create that just-right smile. Call White Flint Dental Associates in Rockville, MD, to start your smile adventure. Dr. Allick or Dr. Jacklis will help you every step of the way. Phone the office at (301) 881-6666. Ask about the teeth whitening bonus for our Invisalign patients.